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"Heal Yesterday... Empower Today... Enrich Tomorrow
                     Rise and bring home your radiance"                                                                           

adah watson

Transforming Pain into Creativity

~Let Go and Allow the Colours to Flow~

If you hear a voice within saying "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

Vincent Van Gogh

Adah: Hebrew origin; meaning 'adornment'

Adah Wooden Adornments are uniquely designed and handcrafted by Alternative Medicine Practitioner Adah Watson. 

Adah was founded during a time I battled an undiagnosed illness that would nearly claim my life. The undiagnosed illness would later turn out to be a severe metal allergy called metallosis from bi-lateral hip implants. In the creation of Adah, I was intuitively drawn to the wood element. Much to my surprise, I developed a connection with wood, which inspired my passion and creativity with any piece of wood I could find (Fallen Pieces). I was shown that with patience, determination and perseverance, each piece I touched and transformed was healing me on various levels. I chose to turn my pain into my own creative expression while embracing the healing essence of wood.

Wood is one of the 5 elements; earth, wood, fire, metal, and water. Each element is vital in maintaining balance. When there is an imbalance in these elements, this is where there will most likely be discord. Bringing awareness to each of the elements can help you restore positive outcomes in your life and a deeper connection with Self and Spirit. We all need to restore balance back into our lives especially after experiencing life altering experiences (e.g. traumas, grief, loss), if we hold the desire to heal and rise from our wounds.

There are many people who will eventually need one or all of the elements to help regain and maintain balance. For example, if a person is lacking emotion or needing to experience an emotion but hesitant, water can support this need even by splashing in puddles or observing the flow of water. The fire element can inspire new ideas, so one may want to sit by a campfire or light candles. Wood is sturdy and strong, and can help you restore strength and encourage transformations for growth throughout every aspect of your life. It brings warmth in the absence of love! 

Allow Adahs' Wooden Adornments to be your reminder of your own truth, strength, beauty and vitality. With your newfound confidence and self-awareness you can stand strong and empowered when you wear or adorn your wall with an Adah Adornment design.

Awaken the warrior within you.

Using left over damaged pieces of plywood and turning them into art work for the wall. You do not need a steady hand to do this especially if you have tremors, or arthritic pain. Working with the art of patience as it takes a few days to allow the layers of colours to journey and settle. The path of colours unveiling themselves. Be your own artist.  

Wings of Colours ...

Season of Change ...

Woman of Colours ...

Flow of Colours ...

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