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"Heal Yesterday... Empower Today... Enrich Tomorrow
                     Rise and bring home your radiance"                                                                           

adah watson


What are Chakras:

There are numerous chakras throughout the energy field; however, most focus is on 7. These 7 centers of spiritual power in the human bodyare where energy flows through with each chakra having their own color; red, orange, green, blue, indigo and purple. The word 'chakra' is derived from the sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. In Hindu, chakra means 'Wheel of spinning Energy' as it is a whirling vortex of energy. They spin clockwise (same direction as the galaxy revolve) three to four inches outside of the physical body. Each chakra displays a color of the rainbow and has their own unique frequency linking to your central nervous system and spine, and is a direct line to the human neural network. When we are born their colors are bright, vibrant, and pure, and as we grow older the colors become dull especially as we as a people continue to ignore their importance in our well being. Each chakra regulates the bodies and minds processes, from organ function to the immune system. 

Many people can identify with the physical aspect of their bodies a lot easier than the invisible; however, for thousands of years, there has been teachings and practices such as the Munay-Ki Rites that emphasized the importance of these energy centers and the influence and connections that each one has on the body, mind and spirit. In today’s world we don’t need to look far to see that there is a great disconnect from our spiritual self, others and this world, and in our relationship with the One Source or God, or Buddha, or whatever terminology you use as your higher power. Munay-Ki is not a religion.It is Spiritual, universal; in everything and everywhere and is vital to our health; mind, body and spirit. Regardless of where you are born or who we are, we each share a skeleton with the exact number of bones and internal organs. That is obvious. We can see and touch that.However, we also share the same luminous anatomy, which includes meridians and chakras. We are more than just a physical body. We are energy. We are vibration. Because everything is energy and vibration, everything is always moving, and it becomes essential that our chakras also move or spin, stay open, aligned and fluid. When there is a blockage, just like a damn in the river, water or energy cannot flow. We begin to heal by bringing our awareness to the imbalance in one chakra, which in turn will restore balance in the others since we are intimately connected through mind, body and soul.






  • First Chakra: The Muladhara is also known as the root chakra. This chakra is RED. When this chakra is open, we feel energized, safe, courage, and confident. Here is where we are connected or disconnected from stability, feminine power, security, and our basic needs. The color red brings passion and strength to your relationships, your life and your work.It encompasses the colon, bladder and the first three vertebrae of the spine.

  • Second Chakra: The Svadhisthana chakra is our creativity and sexual center, and also holdsfeminine power. It is ORANGE and is located above the pubic bone and below the navel.

  • Third Chakra: The Manipura chakra is YELLOW, and is our source of personal power as well as where we can pull feminine power from. This chakra is located at the navel to the breastbone.

  • Fourth Chakra: Anahata is at the middle of the seven and is our source of connection and love. It is GREEN. It is a bridge between our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

  • Fifth Chakra: The Vishuddha chakra is the fifth chakra, located in the area of the throat. This chakra is BLUE. This is our source of communication and the ability to speak our highest truth. The fifth chakra includes the neck, thyroid, and parathyroid glands, jaw, mouth, and tongue.

  • Sixth Chakra: The Ajna; is referred to as the “third eye” and where our intuition resides. This chakra is located in between the eyebrows and is the color INDIGO.

  • Seventh Chakra: The Sahaswara chakra and is located at the crown of the head, and is the color PURPLE. This is the chakra of enlightenment and spiritual connection to our higher selves, others, and ultimately, to the divine.

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